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This is universally beautiful writing for children
NRC Handelsblad
Anna Woltz (b. London, 29 December 1981) is a Dutch writer. She has written twenty-one books for young readers. Some of her books are adventurous  stories for ten-year-olds, others are challenging young adult novels. Her books have been translated into thirteen languages (English, German, French, Slovenian, Serbian, Polish, Latvian, Estonian, Norwegian, Danish, Hungarian, Japanese and Taiwanese) and have won many prizes.

Woltz’s books are loved by both children and adults. Children enjoy the exciting, funny and sometimes crazy adventures and the lovable characters. Adults have praised Woltz for her beautiful language, psychological depth and fresh, humorous narrative voice.

Themes that are particularly close to Woltz’s heart are family relationships, growing up and the question all people have to face sooner or later: how am I going to do this – this amazing and complicated thing called life? Quite a few of her books are about young characters who discover their parents are no different from all other human beings: sometimes they make mistakes and sometimes they have no clue what to do. Part of growing up is about accepting this.


My Particularly Peculiar Week with Tess (Mijn bijzonder rare week met Tess, 2013) is a funny and moving 10+ story about a quirky girl with a bizarre plan to find her dad and a se